Rifle Platoon (GUS712)


Rifle Platoon

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The American soldier uses the US Springfield rifle based on the German Mauser action, which has proved a reliable and accurate weapon. The French have provided the Americans other weapons like the Chauchat machine-gun and VB rifle grenades. The French have also provided the excellent 37mm mle 1916 trench gun, equally effective against tanks and pillboxes. Modern warfare is deadly and requires weapons that can terrorize the enemies. The French provide Flame-thrower support to US units. These deadly weapons will make any German lurking in cover think twice about fighting. Contains: 1x Browning pistol team (Formation HQ), 5x Springfield rifle teams, 2x VB rifle grenade teams, 2x Chauchat MG teams, 1x Flame-thrower team, 1x 37mm mle 1916 team, 1x Sniper team.

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